students in the Sseninde Foundation catering class . classes go on from Monday to Friday 2pm to 5pm. this has been one of our greatest inspirations seeing so many women learn new skills and being able to use them in there day to day life and even start own businesses.


Sseninde Foundation in the community. Students in the tailoring class. we love to continue listening to their stories and hear them give testimonies of what they have achieved and how they are going to transform their communities with the new skills
Miss Nalule learning how to use a sewing machine with the SsenindeFoundation skills training class


Community-outreaches are a big part of my life, this has motivated me to start my own foundation ‘Sseninde Foundation‘ which is for now founded in Uganda.

Sseninde Foundation was founded in 2006 and is registered as an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose main goal is the empowerment of women and the girl-child, through providing life and technical skills, knowledge dissemination , sport and sensitization.

Sseninde Foundation promotes economic empowerment of communities, skiling women, healthy living and education of children and sports development.

The foundation is registered in Uganda as NGO  no: 5914/6618 with offices in Wakiso district. Our priority is to empower women and the girl child so as to ensure a better future for them and for our country.


The annual Sseninde Womens Football Tournament was first started 2016, this was staged on the 15th December 2016 at Villa Park Nsambya in Uganda. The main reason i started this tournment was because of my desire to see so many young girls and women in all parts of Uganda get a chance to play football and to increase the number of girls who play football in Uganda. I had held so many football clinics and realised so many of these young children had the passion for the game but hadnt had any opportunites to play for one reason or the other. This tournment has seen an increase in the demand by parents and schools who take part in the tournament.

The second edition was launced with a theme ‘findingyou’ . We had a goal to find more girls and women who hadnt had opportunites to play football to come and have a chance. This was staged at the Startimes Stadium in Lugogo on the 16th of December. I was hounoured to have Juan Mata (Spanish and Manchester United midfielder) support the campaign and this helped raise the profile of the tournament and women’s football at large in Uganda. On the day we also had the Vice President of Uganda H.E Edward Sekandi and the Speaker Parliament of Uganda Rt. Hon Rebbeca Kadaga. For me this was to show the girls that we have high profile people in the country supporting us as women footballers and we should be Proud.


Community outreaches continue to be a big part of my life and this is something that inspires me. The smiles I see on these young girls and boys faces melts my heart. I wish to do this full time someday when I hang up my boots.

Every girl deserves an opportunity to express themselves , no limitation should be imposed upon any girl on what they can achieve.





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