Dear Reader,

I thought I had lost you yesterday and honestly I was shocked! You told me to go back to the drawing board, and here is what I found!

Not everyone will interpret your vision and understand it, no one will ever know why you do what you do, no one will ever love what you do more than you! Only you know your dreams and the standard at which you want to deliver. Life is new everyday and ohh my, you haven’t seen anything yet! Life is filled with Pressure! That is why those who are able to handle pressure move up the ladder and others drop off. Stick to your journey and don’t ever drop standards on the way to achieving your mission. Do whatever it takes.

Life is not for the weak or for those who give up at the smell of a raised voice to keep going when the going gets tough. So you can give up now, you will be served your meal cold!

Yesterday, I did go back to the drawing board, and I found out that most wait to join your journey when they see fruits, no one wants to be part of the times when you strive at the start! No one will know what you go through behind the scenes in order to make what you do happen.

So, yesterday I was allowed to be sad that I lost you, but today was a new day, I reminded myself never to lose sight and standards in order to accommodate one’s running away from pressure.

Aspire to be the best, push your limits and learn something new everyday.

From Jean The Fixer

Author: Jean Sseninde

Forbes 30 under 30 Finalist 2019 | Footballer Uganda Women's National Team | CEO Sseninde Foundation | Founder Sseninde Women's Development Cup | CAF Women’s Football Committee

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