“History is not made by those who follow rules”

We should contribute to creation of a world where there’s love, sharing knowledge with one another and allow nothing to put fear in our minds when we do the right thing.

Stand out, live your truth, do it all if it makes you happy, we have time now when we are still alive to experiment a million things we would love to do. I play football because I love it, am venturing into football administration because I love to be visionary and challenge my self, I completed my UEFA B licence coaching course, because I would love to have knowledge of what I teach when I visit communities to inspire young players to play football, We run a foundation because it’s a dream to play a small part in helping to create equity opportunities for everyone in the world to do what they love and play sport. I do the consultancy because I never ever want to die with the little knowledge I have, I want to share it with everyone.

This is the struggle, and however tough, I learned that history is not made by those who follow rules. So yes, incase you questioned why I do too much or you wondered why JTF (Jean The Fixer) seems to be everywhere at times, it’s not much for me, Don’t know how am able to do it, but I have self belief. I attend to each in it’s own time and give 100 percent . It is about time management and the mind. Learning to organise my mind mentally to be able to believe it is possible because I am doing it for a reason, and yes, I have to work incredibly hard and sacrifice a lot. Behind the scenes it’s not fun but the satisfaction and smiles on people’s faces is a heavenly feeling worth everything.

I want to prove to myself that it’s possible to learn incredible various roles in the world if we don’t limit ourselves. It’s my dream and passion to continue challenging my self and learn everyday so I can share the knowledge to everyone who doesn’t get access to opportunities. Let us together strive to be united so we can achieve incredible things. And let’s continue to lift up those who feel low, everyday is painful in a different way for everyone so let’s remain kind and treat everyone without prejudice but with fairness.

Author: Jean Sseninde

Forbes 30 under 30 Finalist 2019 | Footballer Uganda Women's National Team | CEO Sseninde Foundation | Founder Sseninde Women's Development Cup | CAF Women’s Football Committee

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