‘always have the courage to speak up and stand for what’s right’

Welcome to my newly created website SpeakUp.

I must admit how incredibly happy i am to have finally made this a reality after thinking about it for so long.

I want to be an inspiration to so many young girls who look up to me and this is going to be one way to Speak up. My journey isn’t about me, it’s about so many young girls around my country Uganda, Africa and the world at large who dream of reaching the top. This website will show the reality of my journey , i hope this makes a difference to so many in the world. Let’s all aspire to be great leaders and always have the courage to speak up and stand for what’s right.

With much love, I hope you enjoy reading about the reality of my journey …


Author: Jean Sseninde

Forbes 30 under 30 Finalist 2019 | Footballer Uganda Women's National Team | CEO Sseninde Foundation | Founder Sseninde Women's Development Cup | CAF Women’s Football Committee

17 thoughts on “SpeakUp”

  1. This is another path to being number one, keep it up and always remember that number two is not in existence.

    Its a good move to speak out your positives for people to pick a leaf and get inspired as well as motivated.

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  2. I know for a fact that you are destined for greatness. You have dreamt this dream since you were a child, playing out with the boys under the Sun, any day, any time. When we thought you had reached your dream, you even kept surprising us more, and you keep keeping us amazed.

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  3. Some people use their tongues to destroy rather than impacting the world positively… Speaking up and standing for what is right is a great decision you’ve made and I can’t wait to witness a great move of change in this world…
    Great work Jean. This is something everyone ought to adopt.

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  4. It’s great to do everything that u believe in. Am glad to be one of those to type this in the preliminary stage of this forum. Who knows. In 10 years time, u will be as big as Oprah and pple will be fighting for this space! May God Bless all your ideas and all your work

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  5. Being your mum makes me a very proud person. I have always committed you into God’s hands and I am hopeful that he will always lift you high. May you continue make a difference in the lives of other people. God bless you my child, my baby.

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  6. Hi Jean this is a great idea and think it will yield forth a yo dream of inspirin many. you ever start small but steady that is how everlasting things start. I know this will have great impact God bless! Humble beginings…

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